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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life Is Good

The past 2 months have been non-stop for me and it isn't slowing down! Since my last post, I have traveled to Austria to film with Gus and Robin MacDonald. I have worked alongside Anson Fogel, DP and Director for Camp4 Collective, as 2nd camera/1st AC on a couple commercial shoots and worked on a number of personal projects of my own. One of the commercial pieces for Camp4 that I was 2nd cam/1st AC on, was a shoot in upper British Columbia for Canadian Mountain Holidays. What an unbelievable week that was! Below is a still from the trip on one of the heli days.

Back in November of last year, I worked on the new Cabela's anthem shoot (It's In Your Nature) with Anson (who was DP for the shoot) and Tyler Stableford (Director), as a 2nd cam/2nd AC. A few of these anthems were recently released and one was featured on AdWeek as 'ad of the day'.

In addition to the above projects, I have been busy with a number of personal projects. One of which, that I feel so very fortunate to have been apart of, was creating a new video for the 5Point Film Festival's scholarship program- The Dream Project. The goal of this video was to create a video that appealed to kids and would influence them to sign up for the project. So, we came up with the concept of having previous and current winners of the scholarship be the voice of this idea themselves. The video was shown at the 2013 5Point Film Festival and was unbelievably well received.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Omerica Organic

This is one of my favorite commercial pieces that I have been a part of producing. For this shoot I was main camera, Dylan Pfohl was second camera/slow-mo and Mikey P (SixEleven) edited/directed the piece.

We were introduced to Ryan, the owner of Omerica Organic (a local company here in Denver), by a mutual friend who knew he was in the need for a new video to launch alongside his new website. Ryan was a huge help. He had a very clear artistic vision of what he wanted and a very camera friendly way of explaining it (he has a history with photography). We spent about 3 days total on this shoot and then a couple weeks editing it together. The crew at Omerica Organic is unbelievable, truly. Some of the happiest, most creative people I have ever met and who were thrilled to help showcase their work...I cannot thank them enough. Enjoy.


Omerica Organic: Roots from Omerica Organic on Vimeo.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Gus Kenworthy - 'Just Do It' and X-Games 2013

If this first month is any indication of how the rest of the year will be, I couldn't be more excited. January has been filled with commercial work (to be released in the next couple weeks...I am very excited about this project), Gus and I were able to find time to shoot a small project and I was beyond excited to be asked to film the ski athletes of Monster Energy at X-Games in Aspen.

Here's the edit of Gus, something that we put together in less than two days...we are pretty happy with what we were able to produce!

In addition to that edit of Gus, here is one of the pieces I put together for Monster Energy during X-games. This was one of two course preview videos I put together during the event and will finish an overall edit later this week.

Stay tuned for another update in the coming weeks with some exciting new work!

P.S. - New site, logo and reel is slowly in the works. =)